Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 2013 Seven Sisters Quilt Show is a Wrap!

Another show, and this one is another milestone. It was our sixth, now in 2013, but it was also our last show in April! That is a huge change for us, and we heard many opinions about the change this weekend. Our show dates are moving to the last full weekend in June, or June 28th and 29th in 2014. Yes we are already thinking about and working toward the next show in 2014! The website has been updated to reflect that, as well.
This post is going to be chock full of pictures, because we have so many from last weekend with our DVD and all the pictures we couldn't help taking even though we bought the DVD. It is so exciting to still see people talking about the Seven Sisters Quilt Show on Facebook and blog posts all over the internet, posting pictures and commenting on all of the beauty they saw, and the fun stuff they picked up at the show. I can't begin to tell you how much joy it gives us to see so many people pouring over the beautiful works of art, getting their glasses out to see some tiny stitch or detail, having the white glove attendants showing them the back, the quilting or the label (or the second quilt on the back!) and reading all of the great bios that Sue puts together for all of the quilts. We work all year for this show, and it seems like it is gone in an instant! The work all year is of course worth every second! So the pictures, let's see some glimpses of the fun. First though, the video!
It feels very much like being there, if you have visited the show, doesn't it?
And how about a few shots of the show by our own Dorothy Elerding? I will only preface this posting of pictures by saying that the sheer number of pictures we have at our disposal, right this second, will give us blog posts for years to come, so keep in mind the pictures chosen mean only that they appealed to this blogger at the moment of posting! No favoritism going on here, just sharing the beauty!
 Isn't this an interesting shot of the stitching in this quilt? 
This was one of the first exhibits seen when coming into the show, and isn't it spectacular?
Many talented quilters exhibiting beautiful work.
Art work that expresses who they are and what they have come through in life.
View the world as the artist sees it in their own corner of the world.
A view looking down our entry tent and all the great vendors.
This shameless promotion brought to you by our amazing Sponsorship Chair and
one of her Raffle Table Team Members.
Well this is probably long enough for this post! We'll save some for next time! Hopefully this little taste of the show has made you hungry for more and you'll come visit us next year, June 28 & 29, 2014!
Until next time!