Saturday, March 15, 2014

And we're back! Website Update! Jan Krentz is coming!

Someone once wrote that 'a blog is a beast and it must be fed'. Our beast is starving..... So Sorry!

Here we are, getting ready for our 2014 Seven Sisters Quilt Show, June 28 and 29, 2014, back with a new website update, check it here. We have new show pages here, we opened our online Workshop and Lecture purchasing here, and we have purchases rolling in, since 8 am this morning! For all of our out of town friends of the show, now is the time to plan your Central Coast get away and join us for a workshop either in the southern part of our area in Orcutt, Friday, June 27th at the Old Town Quilt Shop or in the northern part of our area, for a workshop in Atascadero at the Masonic Meeting Hall, Thursday, June 26th. Jan Krentz will lecture on Saturday night of the show, June 28th. Isn't technology great when it works out?
So this is just a quick update, promise we'll be back soon. But we have to get our quilts ready for the show!

Well, we can't leave you without a little dose of quilt eye candy so check out the show on our video made last year.
And...Here's a photo:

and just so you know who's it was... feeling like going to the show yet? 2014 Seven Sisters Quilt Show-June 28 and 29, 2014 at the Alex Madonna Expo Hall in San Luis Obispo CA! Here's a beautiful flyer.
Make your arrangements now, it's going to be fabulous!